Business Broadband

MPLS & Private IP Networks

TalkUp-IP provides a direct connection between your office and our high-speed network. Our tails have no data limits and provide a guaranteed level of availability. A DSL tail is the ideal method to connect to our network for voice, offsite backup, or for accessing your co-located equipment.

Connect using almost any technology

We can connect multiple network technologies together to provide you with a seamless, secure network. We can supply and deliver your MPLS VPN Cloud service using any combination of business broadband including NBN and ADSL2+.

Works with your existing investment

Most organisations already have an existing investment in their network and don’t have the luxury of starting again from scratch. The TalkUp VPN service is both universally compatible and modular enough to integrate into most existing networks.

Cost Effective

Our MPLS VPN service can be included with any of TalkUp services for only a few hundred dollars per month depending upon the bandwidth, location and number of services you want to connect to your MPLS cloud.

Peering Interconnects

Affordable and scalable network connectivity

We offer 100Mbps, 1Gbps and 10Gbps interconnects within many data centres. By leveraging low latency, high speed internet access with direct access into TalkUp you can take full advantage of hosting all your infrastructure in the Cloud.

Sydney Peers

  1. AAPT
  2. Cinenet
  3. Equinix
  4. Megaport
  5. NextGen
  6. Optus
  7. Pipe
  8. Pipe IX
  9. Primus
  10. Telstra
  11. TPG
  12. Vocus

Melbourne Peers

  1. Cinenet
  2. Megaport
  3. Pipe
  4. Telstra
  5. TPG
  6. VIC IX
  7. Vocus

Perth Peers

  1. AAPT
  2. Amcom
  3. NextGen
  4. Optus
  5. Pipe
  6. Primus
  7. Telstra
  8. TPG
  9. Vocus
  10. WAIX

Brisbane Peers

  1. QLD IX
  2. Megaport
  3. Pipe
  4. Primus
  5. Telstra
  6. TPG
  7. Vocus