Call Centre Solution

Call Centre Solution

Are you in control of your communications? Do you have the capabilities such as direct access to wholesale services and global carriage?

Through TalkUp Communication you can cut out the middle man.

TalkUp communication is a feature rich provider for large-scale and high-capacity contact centres providing SIP Trunks, sharp call rates, hosted call center environments.

Massive scale Voice calls

TalkUp Voice network is vertically scalable with high capacity backbone for voice delivery which covers 100% Australia and New Zealand. Our carrier grade infrastructure already facilitates globally dispersed major call centres calling into Australia and New Zealand.

State of the Art Fraud mitigation system

TalkUp developed the Fraud mitigation system which probes each and every call to mitigate Fraud and save you thousands in unrecoverable losses. Our system has been built with added intelligence to identify fraud calls using past statistics of a given user.

Inbound and local dialing plans

Use local toll free numbers such as 1300, 1800 or 13 that routes calls to either international or local contact centres. Want full control? Use our customer portal to change routing real time without extra costs.

Experience high burst traffic? We got your back

TalkUp infrastructure allows call center users with unlimited outbound channels and high burst traffic by default therefore you have one less problem when running a campaign.

Want something different?

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all, call us on 1300 825 587 and have a chat with a senior Engineer.