Business Broadband

Fibre, Ethernet & Fixed Wireless Business Broadband

Reliable fibre, copper and wireless broadband applications. If the internet is your business platform, you need a dedicated network that can deliver a high speed service with 99.95% reliability. Gain access to our Business Network, purpose-built for business clients.


What is Fibre Optic? A Fibre connection uses light to transmit data. Heard of "speed of light before"? Lots of speed. Fibre is the solution for businesses with broadband requirements exceeding the limits of DSL technology. Out of all the the technologies, fibre has the fastest delivery of data reputation.

Business Ethernet

Business Ethernet is used nationally to provide better user experiences which can be available in many suburbs across Australia at lower rates than ever before. Benefits are Value for Money, Wider Coverage and Unlimited Internet – No shaping and no data quotas.

Fixed Wireless

Fixed Wireless networks are an alternative to ‘wired’ networks, transporting data between sites using copper or fibre-optic cables in the ground. Fixed Wireless is typically part of a wireless WaN infrastructure connecting two fixed locations with a directional radio antenna at each end of the signal.