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What is TalkUp About: Business-Class Quality Services Customers Come 1st Save you $$$

Customer Support

We can't emphasise enough how imortant this part of our business culture is to the TalkUp Team.

Business Services

99% of our customers are businesses across Australia. Our focus is on reliability and quality, and who benfits from this mostly?  Your Business

Happy Customers

92% of our customers say they are exceptionally happy with us. Our ultimate goal which is why our customer retention is impecable.

Feature Rich

Whether choosing us as your Voice provider or Broadband ISP or even buying hardware, you will have access to all the features you will ever need.


TalkUp is known for it's flexibility & customer requests actioned fast. If you need to get new numbers, cancel or change setup, we know you want it done fast and easy.

Save $$$

Most customers are at TalkUp because we were able to show them how we can save them month-to-month. It gives us great pride in doing so day-in day-out.

Who We Are

TalkUp has been on the forefront of Telecommunications and IT services for the past 7 years. We are one of Australia’s fastest growing Telecommunication service provider thanks to Innovation and Solutions that are specifically designed with the Australian Market in mind.

With 1000’s of happy users across the country, TalkUp continues to Innovate by utilising the latest technologies available, to deliver state of the art VoIP and Networking solutions for businesses across Australia.

Over the course of the years, mainly due to demand, we have expanded our services, offering cloud based solutions that aim to assist with day to day operations and to increase efficiency and productivity.

We take pride in the services we offer, the great value they present and the teams that are dedicated in Innovating, Proposing, Delivering and Supporting solutions for customers on a daily basis.

What drives us most though, are the savings we manage to provide our customers through our VoIP services. This is our motto and excited we can deliver this on a daily basis! TalkUp is a financially strong Telecommunications service provider with years of experience in the industry backed by a team of professionals delivering cutting edge solutions.

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